The all-rounder in the split version for crane systems, whether for cooling the crane bridge, crane operator's cab or a switch room. The application is usually in a steel plant, a coking plant, an aluminum plant, a copper smelter or foundry.
Areas of application:
  • Cooling operation possible at ambient temperatures of -25° C to 90° C
  • Designed for extreme conditions: shock loads, thermal radiation, dust, and corrosion
  • A wide range of operating voltages
Handling and operation:
  • Separately accessible instrument panel with quick-release fasteners
  • Monitoring of the compressor preheating optional
  • Optional power regulation
  • Power discharge optional
  • Pressure gauge for displaying the operating pressures optional
  • Oil differential pressure switch optional
Energy and environmental balance:
  • With environmentally friendly refrigerant - without CFCs and without HCFCs
Processing and quality:
  • Robust sheet steel construction, suitable for extreme shock loads
  • Corrosion-resistant housing, powder coated or in stainless steel
  • Durable heat exchanger made of copper, aluminum, galvanized steel, optional CDP coating
  • Switching cabinet cooling provided for
  • Powerful circulating air filter with monitoring optional
  • Fresh air filter or fresh air filter device optional
  • Hot-air heating optional
  • Condensate evaporator optional
  • Coated conduits optional
  • Robust industrial compressor
  • Service-friendly
  • Quality control


Dimensions [mm] L x W x H machine part 1.220 x 1.700 x 1.250
Weight approx. (machine part) approx. [kg] 950
Refrigerating capacity [kW] with R 134a 1) at a room temperature of 26 °C – 40 °C 28,2 – 38,6
Refrigerating capacity [kW] with R 227 ea *1) at a room temperature of 26 °C – 40 °C 27,7 – 37,2
Refrigerating capacity [kW] with R 124 *1) at a room temperature of 26 °C – 40 °C 20,5 – 30,2
Refrigerating capacity [kW] R 236 fa *1) at a room temperature of 26 °C – 40 °C 19,4 – 28,9

* Other refrigerants on request. Talk to us, we will be happy to help you.
1.) At an ambient temperature of 50° C.
Refrigerating capacity is dependent on the ambient temperature, the refrigerant and the room conditions.
2.) Evaporators are individually selected.

Operating limits for refrigerants
R 134 a 65° C ambient temperature
R 227 ea 75° C ambient temperature
R 124 90° C ambient temperature
R 236 fa 90° C ambient temperature

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