The Snowkeeper SK 12 snow cooling unit is used in snow regions as a means of maintaining the snow for longer. Cooling coils anchored in the ground cool the snow and keep it below thawing temperature. The unit can be conveniently transported using a snow groomer and is designed for harsh environmental conditions. When developing the Snowkeeper SK 12, FrigorTec consulted with the Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research (Davos, Switzerland) on snow-related matters.

Fields of application

  • Maintaining snow allows for less-frequent snowmaking on artificial snow areas
  • Greater snow reliability in thaw regions increases cost effectiveness and protects the environment
  • By cooling ski jumps, they can even be used at thawing temperatures

Products at a glance


Snowkeeper SK 12

Technical features

  • Electrically-driven compressor in a hermetic design
  • Air-cooled liquefier
  • Fan for condensation exhaust air, IP according to standard
  • Control cabinet completely wired internally, with auxiliary and control contactors (power supply is connected on site)
  • Safety equipment (e.g. pressure switch)
  • Pump station includes all required system elements

Device protection and insulation

  • Electrical parts (e.g. pressure switch and thermostat) with minimum IP 54 protection
  • Armaflex insulation of the cold system parts to prevent heat loss and water condensation, without sheet casing


  • Startup included (1 day, including journey to and from the site of up to 150 km)
  • Two copies of the operating instructions provided (German, according to Axima standard)
  • Cooling coils are anchored into the ground and snow using pegs
  • Cooling unit requires a warm-up time of 24 hours prior to commissioning 
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Cooling performance 1)12 kW
Power consumption of compressor (design point)9 kW
Antifrogen N (brine 40%) temperature on/off-11.4 °C / -18 °C
Consumer pump (3 units, info for 1 pump)
Power consumption1.1 kW
Throughput (design point)1.7 m³/h
Pump pressure (design point)5.0 bar
Consumer pump (1 unit)
Power consumption2.3 kW
Switch typedirect
Electrical data 2)
Output15 kW
Starting current69 A
Max. operating current30 A
Recommended fuse35 A
Min. protection classIP 54
Additional contacts/terminals1 terminal pair 220 V (coupled with pumps)
1 isolated terminal (dry-run protection)
Hydraulic connection data
Flow connection (inner thread)3 x R1“
Return connection (inner thread)1 x R1 1/4“

ColourRAL 7032 (slate grey)
Noise emissions (1 m away)83 dB(A)
Dimensions (L x W x H)1,350 x 1,000 x 1,000 mm
Operating weight700 kg
Empty weight (ready for operation without cooling medium)650 kg

1) The cooling performance relates to a construction tolerance according to DIN 8928 and a measurement tolerance according to DIN 8976.
2) All specifications are valid for 400 V - 3-phase - 50 Hz.



Reduce the need for artificial snowmaking with snow cooling units

Artificial snow sysems secure economic viability in many ski regions. At the same time, they attract criticism due to their high water and energy requirements. Snow cooling units offer operators the chance to reduce their artificial snow requirements while saving costs and resources.

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Advantages of the Snowkeeper SK 12

  • Less-frequent snowmaking on artificial snow areas, therefore resulting in water savings
  • Snow reliability in thaw regions leading to increased cost effectiveness and greater environmental protection
  • Easy to transport with a snow groomer
  • Designed for harsh ambient conditions
  • Ideal for cooling ski jumps too
  • Developed in collaboration with the Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research (Davos, Switzerland)

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