Cooling units and heat pumps for individual applications

FrigorTec provides worldwide solutions for grain cooling, room air conditioning, hay drying, insect heat treatment, heat pumps, and special cooling solutions - and supplies the appropriate cooling units. With the high quality standards that begin in the development of the cooling units, continue with their own production in Germany and the service and sales support, we have established ourselves worldwide. Let us convince you of our German engineering capabilities and the cooling solution for your application.

With our employees, our products and our service, we have gained satisfied customers worldwide. And we know where our success comes from: Our devices provide you with a decisive competitive advantage!


Our world of products

Grain cooling unitGRANIFRIGOR™

FrigorTec has produced and sold grain cooling units since 1963. Every day, thousands of GRANIFRIGOR™ grain cooling units are successfully used in 74 countries. The GRANIFRIGOR™ grain cooling units cool grains, rice, maize, paddy, seed, brewing barley, cocoa beans, legumes, sunflower seeds, and rapeseed.

Crane cooling unitCRANEFRIGOR™

Since 1961, the CRANEFRIGOR™ series from FrigorTec has provided a great variety of solutions for cooling crane electronics and cabins. CRANEFRIGOR™ cooling units are used worldwide in steel works, aluminium plants, foundries, and mills, as well as in container terminals and harbour cranes.

Standard cooling unitSTANDARDFRIGOR

For OEM customers, FrigorTec provides a wide range of cooling units in the food-processing industry, printing houses, large kitchens, or similar areas. Heat pumps, air coolers, and air dryers are all used as devices.


The AGRIFRIGOR™ heat pump was especially developed for hay drying. In Europe a great number of AGRIFRIGOR™ hay dryers are in use and guarantee hay of the highest quality. Further areas of use are tea, hops, and herb drying.

Insect heat treatmentDEBUGGER

Using the DEBUGGER heat treatment is a natural method of pest control. Because insects build up resistance to chemical substances, the use of heat treatment is gaining in importance. Mills, food processing factories, bakeries, and hotels are increasingly turning to FrigorTec's heat treatment for pest control.

Current projects worldwide

Mit dem GRANIFRIGOR wird in Frankreich Getreide gekühlt

Cooling of corn

Mit dem GRANIFRIGOR wird in Frankreich Getreide gekühlt

Cooling of wheat

Mit dem DEBUGGER wird in Deutschland Wärmeentwesung gemacht

Ecological heat treatment in warehouse