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Prevent the spoiling of your harvest – the ecological and effective way! Spontaneous heating of the grain often causes great damage. Systematic hygiene regulations and the call for natural treatment of the produce grain without chemical substances are standards that must be attained.

We have the solution for all these demands: GRANIFRIGOR™. The GRANIFRIGOR™ cooling device is immediately used to cool down grain after the harvest and independent of the weather conditions. This effective method prevents the spoiling of freshly harvested grains, which spontaneously heats up because of its cellular respiration. Carbon dioxide, water and heat are released by this respiration – with extensive consequences: Loss of dry substance as well as the development of insects, microbes and mildew. Spontaneous heating depends on the grain's moisture content and temperature.

So, grain cooling with a GRANIFRIGOR™ grain cooling device is a natural process for the preservation of grain, corn, white rice, whole grain rice and oilseeds by cooling. The GRANIFRIGOR™ grain cooling device has been manufactured by FrigorTec since 1963 and successfully used in over 80 countries.


  • Fully automatic Siemens S7 controller
  • Remote-controlled operation via FrigorTec app
  • Low power consumption
  • Large area filter
  • Pressure-stable cooling air high pressure fans
  • Rigid, welded frame construction
  • Multi-coated steel parts
  • Partially soundproofed housing UV-resistant external cable
  • Eyelets for lashing on every housing corner
  • Compressor from renowned manufacturer, e.g. Bitzer
  • Many options available
  • Factory test run before delivery
  • Made in Germany

Our products

Cooling grain properly


The GRANIFRIGOR™ Europe range of grain cooling units are performance- and energy consumption-optimised for the temperature and humidity of European temperate conditions.

Make grain last


The GRANIFRIGOR™ Subtropic grain cooling units are performance- and energy consumption-optimised for the temperature and humidity of the subtropical climate with tropical summers and non-tropical winters.

Cooling grain in tropical climates


The GRANIFRIGOR™ Tropic grain cooling units are performance- and energy consumption- optimised for the temperature and humidity of the tropical climate.

Grain cooling at high temperatures


The special grain cooling units for hot dry countries of the GRANIFRIGOR™ Desert series are performance- and energy consumption-optimised for hot desert climates.

Ventilation dryer combined with grain dryers


The ventilation dryers of the GRANIVENT™ series are the ideal supplement to GRANIFRIGOR™ grain dryers. They are used to aerate the grain immediately after harvesting.

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Over 60 years of success GRANIFRIGOR™

Since 1963, the grain cooling unit GRANIFRIGOR ™ has been manufactured at FrigorTec and used worldwide for grain cooling

60 years of success GRANIFRIGOR™


With about 60 years of experience in grain cooling, we have acquired extensive specialist knowledge in all areas. We look forward to bringing this know-how to bear on your grain storage challenges.

Technical and functional merits of a grain cooling unit

How grain coolers work

Grain refrigerators extract from grain and its surrounding air what can be dangerous to it: heat and water. Lowering the temperature and humidity protects the harvest even without chemical treatment.

What you need to keep in mind for setting up grain cooling units

The best cooling strategy for your grain storage method

Grain can be cold-stored in both floor-level stores and silos. However cooling of the loose grain requires professional air distribution. The grain cooler must also be selected according to requirements. The fully automated control then frees up time for other activities.

Protect grain against fungi and pests

How you protect your grain from fungi and pests

The infestation of the grain with pests and the development of secondary fungi must be prevented. It is therefore all the more important to create suboptimal conditions for insect pests and moulds during storage, thereby reducing the risk of spoiling of the grain to a minimum.

Grain cooling units are economical

Economical introduction and operation of grain cooling

Cooling preservation prevents loss of mass through cellular respiration, damage from insect activity and the development of secondary fungi (storage fungi) and the resulting mycotoxins.

Installing, configuring, and operating a grain cooling unit

Commissioning and maintenance of grain cooling devices

With the new fully automated controller from FrigorTec, the grain cooling unit operates fully automatically. In addition to correct commissioning and settings, careful maintenance is essential for the best possible cooling performance. We describe these and other aspects clearly in our videos.

Successful cooling strategy for grain, whole grain rice, and white rice

Combining grain coolers for a flexible solution

Operators of a grain storage facility with a capacity of 76.000 tonnes are looking for a cooling solution that works independently from the weather. A combination of one permanently installed central GRANIFRIGOR™ cooler and two mobile units proves to be a flexible solution that meets all requirements.

For conserving grain independent of the weather

Safe storage conditions no matter the weather

A storage facility from the 1970s was designed for ambient ventilation. The switch to a GRANIFRIGOR™ KK 280 AHY allows for precise cooling in all weather conditions. The new cooling solution also eliminates silo condensation problems and prolongs the storage duration of malting barley.





Grain cooling with a GC 560 as natural protection


Grain storage with natural quality protection