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Produce quality hay!

The constantly changing weather conditions force companies to provide for weather-independent under roof drying.

Drying fodder from meadows, pastures and fields with a heat pump is an extremely energy-efficient, natural conservation process. Cut fodder grass is initially pre-dried in the sun. Subsequently the fodder is dried homogenously and controlled to the desired degree of dryness with an AGRIFRIGOR™ heat pump. This controlled drying process produces high quality hay. The energy-efficient heat pump generates low energy costs and high profitability.

The AGRIFRIGOR™ heat pump, combined with a pressurestabilized fan, ensures that pre-dried fodder grass is quickly and weather-independently dried thereby pre- serving the valuable plant substances. This technology enables cutting to be done at an optimal time, consequently reducing crumble losses to a minimum. No storage losses due to residual heat or mold formation occur with homogeneously dried hay. For farmers, healthy hay boosts livestock health, improves feed intake and hygiene. When animals are fed exclusively with fresh grassland fodder, hay and grain, the milk they produce is referred to as hay milk. Hay milk is the most natural type of milk and essential to produce high-quality cheese products.

The same advantages that apply to hay drying with an AGRIFRIGOR™ heat pump are applicable for drying hops, tea leaves, herbs, alfalfa or nuts.

Highlights AGRIFRIGOR™

  • Efficient thanks to heat recovery
  • Fully automatic SPS control
  • Dehumidifier for more power
  • Powerful fans
  • Long service life, quiet operatio
  • Utmost individuality by the modular system
  • Made in Germany
  • Advance in knowledge thanks to close contacts to institutes, universities and the dialogue with our customers
  • Innovational strength by modern, forward thinking product solutions
Our planning support - experts in agricultural engineering for over 60 years
  • Dimensioning of your drying system
  • Arrangement of boxes, air ducts, technology
  • Design of the roof extraction system
  • Coordination with your architect and hall constructor
  • Comprehensive documentation as free assistance

Our products

Hay drying units for dehumidifying hay in any weather

Dehumidifiers – Heat pumps

With an AGRIFRIGOR™ dehumidifier air is conditioned for drying hay. The process is particularly economical and effective by using a heat pump.

High-performance radial fan for the best hay quality


To achieve the best hay-drying results quality you additionally need a powerful radial fan. This provides the necessary pressure and aeration.

Simple operation via Siemens control for hay dryers


A hay drying system can be operated with the standard AGRIMAT control of the AGRIFRIGOR™. An AGRICONTROL Siemens S7 can be superordinated and individually control all switching operations, and a screen displays the current system status.

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Hay drying for better planning reliability and quality assurance

Technical hay drying and its advantages

Better planning and quality assurance, more flexibility, independence from weather conditions, less risk of fire, and increased profitability: There are numerous reasons why farmers and operating companies invest in ultra-modern technical hay drying plants, with heat pump, and air dehumidifier.

Correct design of hay boxes for machine hay drying

Designed to meet requirements as the basis for economical hay drying

Hay drying plants can be integrated into new buildings as well as into existing barns. In order for farmers to fully exploit the advantages of effective and at the same time energy-efficient hay drying, numerous individual factors must be taken into account when designing the plant.

Hay drying and haymaking

Quality in quantity – professional hay and plant drying

Good hay quality is no coincidence, rather it comes from making the right decisions. There are clear definitions and guidelines that go into evaluating hay quality. We cannot influence weather conditions, so the use of a technical hay drying plant is nowadays indispensable for a high quality hay yield.

Hay drying guaranteeing good hay quality

How hay quality affects animal health

Anyone who keeps farm animals knows the relationship between good hay and general animal health. Good hay stimulates ruminant animals, e.g., cows and goats to ruminate. It promotes grazing behaviour with the rumen, prevents metabolic diseases, and has a positive effect on milk yield and quality.



Professional hay drying for the best quality


Gentle herb drying for the highest quality


Alfalfa drying