STANDARDFRIGOR Air purifier deviro™

The deviro™ cleans room air of fine dust, viruses and other elements that are harmful to health using a three-phase filtration system. The downstream HEPA H14 filter removes 99.995% of impurities from the air. Despite its powerful fan, the deviro™ is one of the quietest filtration devices in its class and can therefore also be used in work rooms.

Fields of application

  • Areas with a high turnover of people, such as supermarkets, fitness studios and restaurants
  • Noise-sensitive environments such as work rooms, control stands, offices, meeting rooms, technology control centres and medical practices
  • Industrial applications such as production areas and electronics rooms with personnel
Air purifiers developed and produced in Germany

Product overview

Quiet air purifier with HEPA filters against viruses, coronavirus, and particles


Data sheet
  • Three filter stages remove 99.995% of air impurities
  • Sound insulation enables use in noise sensitive surroundings
  • Simplified transport with handles and fixed castors
  • Every deviro™ is produced at our German plant and undergoes a factory test run before delivery
  • Easy operation, timer can be selected with app
  • Optional UVC technology for additional safety


Quiet air purifier with HEPA filters against viruses, coronavirus, and particles

deviro™ AF650

Max. air flow volume615 m3/h
Max. recommended room size
Air exchange rate 2/h308 m3
Air exchange rate 4/h153 m3
Air exchange rate 6/h (required for coronavirus protection)102 m3
Filter stage 1M5 (60% degree of separation 1))
Filter stage 2F9 (99% degree of separation 1))
Filter stage 3H14 (99.995% degree of separation 2))
Mains connection230 V/50 Hz
Power consumptio200 W
Nominal current consumption1,8 A
Recommended fuse4,0 A
Connection plugCEE 7/7, H07RN-F
Length of mains cable5 m
Noise emissions (with new filters)52 ± 3 dB(A) in 1 m
Dimensions600 x 650 x 1.600 mm
Weight90 kg
ColourRAL 7035 (light grey)

Technical features

  • Coarse dust filter
  • Fine dust filter
  • HEPA H14 suspended matter filter
  • Reverse-bent EC radial fan in the spiral housing, single-sided suction
  • Constant volume flow control
  • Differential pressure-controlled filter change display for pre-filter stages
  • Freely programmable weekly timer switch (10-year power reserve)
  • Operating mode switch
  • Operating and warning signal lights
  • Cold device socket with fuse
  • Mains connection with mains switch
  • Powder-coated steel housing

Sound insulation

  • Housing sound insulation
  • Fan with floating support for acoustic decoupling
  • Labyrinth sound absorber on suction side, screen muffler on pressure side


  • Transport handle
  • Fixed castors
  • Foot
  • Diffusor cover (easy to remove)

Wear/replacement parts

  • Coarse dust filter (replacement interval every 12 months)
  • Fine dust filter (replacement interval every 12 months)
  • HEPA H14 suspended matter filter (replacement interval every 2 years)



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  • Made in Germany
  • Extremly robust
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy operation
  • Inernational service concept

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