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Kranklimageräte zur Kühlung von Kran, Krankabine, Schaltraum

Good working environment. Safe operation.

For more than 50 years FrigorTec has been manufacturing crane air conditioning for metal production, container terminals, coking plants, mining, oil and gas, paper production, chemical plants, cement plants, offshore applications and power plants. CRANEFRIGOR™ Crane air conditioning units condition cabins (heating - cooling - dehumidifying), electronic rooms and control cabinets for safe and optimal working conditions. In addition, our filter systems ensure the oxygen supply and reduce the dust load in the conditioned room. The units, which have been tested worldwide, are available in many installation variants and performance levels.

  • Made in Germany
  • Extremely robust
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy operation
  • Many options available

Our products

Krankabinenklimageräte mit individueller Temperaturwahl

Crane cabin cooling units

Air conditioning units in compact and split versions with individual cabin temperature selection and very low noise emission for control stations and operator cabinss. Heating function included.

Container- und Schaltraum-Kühlgeräte

Control rooms / Container

Reliable air conditioning units for containers and large control rooms with individual temperature selection, designed for roof mounting or side mounting, depending on the model.

Kühlgeräte zur Klimatisierung von Schaltschränken

Control cabinets

Robust and powerful air conditioning units with individual temperature selection for air conditioning of control cabinets and rows of control cabinets.

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We make no secret of our decades of experience and know-how in the field of crane air conditioning and are happy to share our knowledge with you. Learn about user-relevant facts and background information.

Über die Wichtigkeit einer leistungsstarken Kranklimatisierung

When a crane air conditioning unit is necessary

Depending on the location, air pollution and extreme temperatures present challenges for operating personnel and crane electronics. Controlled air-conditioning of crane cabins, electrical rooms, electronic containers and switch cabinets is therefore indispensable in many applications.

Krankühlgeräte für extreme Anforderungen

Functionality and design of crane air conditioning units

Safety refrigerants are used in crane air conditioning units to ensure safe operation. Additional components expand the air conditioning systems, e.g. with heating and filter functions. Despite their basically similar design, crane air conditioning units can be divided into compact and split units.

Krankühlgeräte müssen Hochtemperaturanwendungen aushalten

Industry specific requirements for crane air conditioning units

Crane air conditioning units are used in a wide range of industries that have a variety of requirements in terms of functionality and resistance to environmental influences. Design adaptations ensure that the units function reliably even in challenging environments.

Welche Vorteile eine Krankühlung mit sich bringt

Planning, installation and maintenance of crane air conditioning units

Careful planning creates the basis for a crane air-conditioning unit that meets the application-specific requirements in the best possible way. A predictive installation and regular maintenance ensure that the air conditioning unit cools, heats, dehumidifies and filters reliably even under extreme conditions.

Advantages with FrigorTec crane air conditioning units

FrigorTec crane air conditioning units are characterised by the following features:

  • Comfort air conditioning of cabin, switch cabinet and electronics room
  • Safe operation under extreme dust exposure
  • Safe operation under extreme heat load
  • Operation 24/7
  • Extremely robust industrial design
  • High corrosion protection in standard version
  • Adjusted air flow and temperature distribution
  • Multi-stage quality control

Related guarantees:

  • health of the operating staff
  • Increased efficiency of the operating personnel
  • Long service life of electronic components
  • High operational reliability
  • Securing the production process



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