Dehumidifiers – Heat pumps  AGRIFRIGOR™ HT 500

  • Energy-efficient design with frequency control
  • Sound-optimized fans and compressors
  • Suitable for all ambient conditions (rain, fog, heat and cold)
  • Effective large surface area coarse dust air filter – easy to clean
  • Robust industrial design
  • Full enclosure with quick-release fasteners
  • Differential pressure sensor hay box
  • Quality control through factory test run
  • Fully automatic control
  • Temperature and humidity sensors
  • Vibration decoupling
  • Coated heat exchanger as corrosion protection
  • Operating hour meter / indicator light
  • Environmentally friendly safety refrigerant, without CFC and without HCFC
  • Spare tray for cleaning / condensate tray
  • Remote monitoring / alarm modem
  • Air flap-motor drives
  • Pressure gauge


Hay box size [m2] 1 up to 500
Electrical data  
Power requirements (average) [kW] 27
Max. current consumption [A] 190
Electrical connection [kW / A] 90 / 250
Suitable for air amount  
Dehumidifier operation [m3 / s] 29,0 - 50,0
Outdoor air operation max. [m3 / s] 76,0
Dimensions [L x W x H in mm] 7.800 x 1.350 x 2.500
Weight [kg] 3.200

All figures are valid for 400 V-3 Ph-50 Hz

1) At an average initial hay moisture content of 35%, at 1000 Pa counter-pressure and a final hay moisture of 14%
2) Higher pressures available on request

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