Grain cooling units GRANIFRIGOR™

Grain cooling with GRANIFRIGOR™ grain cooling units is a natural process for conservation cooling of grain, maize, rice, paddy and oilseeds. Since 1963, GRANIFRIGOR™ grain cooling units have been manufactured by FrigorTec and have been used successfully in over 70 countries for many years.

A grain cooler cools grain to a desired temperature, effectively preventing insect infestation, mould formation and mycotoxins. The cooling unit therefore also contributes significantly to assuring the harvest quality.

FrigorTec offers grain cooling units in different sizes worldwide – each perfectly adapted to the respective climate zone:

Grain cooling units of the Europe series:
Grain coolers designed for the temperate zone are used, for example, in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Grain cooling units of the Subtropic series:
Specially designed for subtropical climates, these grain coolers are used primarily in countries such as Italy, Croatia and Serbia.

Grain cooling units of the Tropic series:
Grain coolers designed for tropical climatic conditions are used, for example, in Thailand, Vietnam, Panama and Colombia.

Grain cooling units of the Desert series:
The special grain coolers for hot, dry climates have proven their worth in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi, for example.

Additional information

FrigorTec grain cooling units worldwide

Since 1963, FrigorTec has been building and selling grain cooling units worldwide that are based on a sophisticated modular system and are characterised by the following features:

Fully automatic Siemens S7 control

Remote controlled operation via app

Rigid, welded frame construction

Partially soundproofed housing

UV-resistant external cable

Lugs for slinging at each corner of the housing

Roofs made of galvanised sheet steel

Pressure-stable, high pressure grain cooling air fans

Filters for the grain cooling air

Compressors, for example from Bitzer/Germany

Multiply coated steel parts

All FrigorTec grain coolers are "Made in Germany" and undergo a factory test run before delivery.


For its grain cooling units FrigorTec offers an extensive range of accessories and additional services, for example:

Chassis with rubber tyres

Rodent guard grating

Temperature sensor for shutting off the grain cooling duct

High pressure fan for grain cooling in high silos

Indicator light for indicating the operating status

Protective cover for the cooling air ports

Stands for fixed installation of the device

Noise insulation packages

Noise-insulated cabin for every device type

On-site commissioning by FrigorTec

Remote maintenance by FrigorTec

All accessories for the FrigorTec grain coolers can also be retrofitted, thus ensuring that your cooling unit is always up to date.

Over 50 years of success GRANIFRIGOR™



Since 1963, the grain cooling unit GRANIFRIGOR ™ has been manufactured at FrigorTec and used worldwide for grain cooling



The special grain expertise was acquired through close contact with institutes and universities and the dialogue with our customers.

Worldwide success

Worldwide success

Gets an insight into the applications and uses of GRANIFRIGOR ™ devices from our worldwide references.

Made in Germany

Made in Germany

All GRANIFRIGOR™ devices are developed and produced in Germany. FrigorTec guarantees the safe operation of every device by a quality control test run.