The POWDRYER™ PD08 metal powder dryer is used to dry inorganic metal powder for the complex additive manufacturing (3D printing) process. It corrects the manufacturer’s fluctuating metal powder qualities, thus optimizing the metal powder’s flowability. It also reduces the number of air inclusions in finished workpieces. Significantly higher material densities are the result.

Fields of application

  • Particularly for metal printing products where maximum strength is required
  • For the printing of alloys of aluminium, titanium, tool steel, etc.
  • Special tools for the metal-processing industry, machine and system engineering, prototype development, and more
  • Aviation, aerospace, and automotive industries, plus medical and dental technology

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Technical specifications

Industrial-standard turnkey machine:

  • Tank connection DN40 ISO KF
  • Capacity 10 litres ≙ 70 kg for steel
  • Variable-speed stirrer
  • Vacuum unit
  • Cooling unit with condensing unit and brine circuit
  • Integrated humidity and temperature sensor
  • Integrated safety circuit (operation only with
    closed tank)
  • Vacuum chamber with leak-proof closure of
    powder to operator
  • Argon unit (optional)


  • Robust construction
  • Frame primed and powder-coated, RAL 7005
  • Doors primed and powder-coated, RAL 7005
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Max. permissible ambient temperature43 °C
Operating voltage 1) 2)3 ph / 400 V / 50 Hz
GWP (global warming potential)631
Capacity0.6 kg
GWP378.6 kg
Degree of protectionIP54
Electrical supplyTN-S in accordance with IEC 364-3
Dimensions (LxBxH):1.410 x 610 x 1.990 mm
Weightapprox. 450 kg

1) max. permitted voltage fluctuations ± 10 % in accordance with EN 60555, part 3
2) additional operating voltages available upon request 

The statement of work is a quality in the meaning of Sect. 434 or Sect. 633 German Civil Code.
Subject to technical changes.


For decades, we have realised high-quality cooling solutions in a range of industrial sectors. Benefit from our wealth of experience and learn interesting facts about complex 3D printing as a manufacturing technique in our know-how articles.



Drying of inorganic powders with vacuum and refrigeration technology

For the manufacture of tools with additive manufacturing (3D printing), very dry metal powder is required. To achieve the required degree of dryness, the powder is dried with a combined vacuum and refrigeration process. The process facilitates effective, even drying at low temperatures. 

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How powder quality influences printing results

3D printing has developed into a powerful production technology in recent years. Alongside the 3D printing processes based on modelling and photopolymer baths, the powder process has become a commonly used method. Be it metal, plastic, glass, ceramic or composite powder, all powders have one thing in common: their degree of dryness is a key factor for the quality of the printed product.

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Advantages with 


  • Sturdy industrial design
  • Safe operation 
  • Fully automated operation
  • Fast, easy cleaning
  • Quality assurance via factory test run
  • Made in Germany

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