OEM-partner for cooling units and heat pumps

Application: Cooling and heating for production engineering and building technology

The STANDARDFRIGOR cooling and heating units are standard units that are individually designed, constructed and built for an OEM partner. The main tasks, in addition to performance compliance and quality, are an international service concept and delivery logistics.


Air purifier deviro

The deviro cleans room air of fine dust, viruses and other elements that are harmful to health using a three-phase filtration system.

Air cooling units

In most cases, the STANDARDFRIGOR air coolers are used for the cooling of production rooms or production warehouses.


The dehumidifiers are used when perishable goods are being stored that would otherwise be damaged by moist air.

Heat pumps

With the heat pumps from FrigorTec, the energy of a warm aeration / gas removal or waste water is usually exploited.

Snow cooling unit SK 12

With the cooling device for snow conservation, the snow-making process in artificial snow areas can be reduced significantly.

Container cooling units

Cooling technology for containers or work containers.

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